Tralisa Colby MPh, RP

Reiki Healer, Spiritual and wellness educator, Psychic Medium

I Love To See You Heal - About Tralisa

Tralisa is a graduate from the University of Maryland College Park School of Public Health, the George Washington University Milken Institute of Public Health, and the Reiki Center of Greater Washington. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral and Community Health as well as a Masters in Public Health, while currently pursuing her Masters Degree in the practice of Usui Reiki. After graduating with her Masters in Public Health, Tralisa held many positions in the health and medical field including but not limited to health education, genetic testing and research, and public affairs for the US Food and Drug Administration.
In late 2016, after beginning her career at the US Food and Drug Administration Tralisa began to feel a shift within her spirit. She realized she was not happy working for the US government, and with her life circumstances in general. Through a series of powerful synchronistic and psychic experiences, she realized she was unhappy and unfulfilled because not living her life purpose, which led her to the path of enlightenment.
Tralisa is, and has always been a powerful light and healer to those around her. Her high vibration of pure love and compassion brings hope and healing to all; even in the darkest and most challenging times. Tralisa merges her academic and corporate background with spiritual and integrative practices to offer different modalities of healing including but not limited to, spiritual counseling,health and wellness education, energy readings, energy healing, traditional Chinese fire cupping, and sound healing.

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